Kelly Marquet-Bodio

Kelly Marquet-Bodio has been the answer to challenging questions from entrepreneurs, solo-professionals and corporate executives alike about how they are perceived, where their brand is going, and how to get there. Her time-tested approach is based on proven systems that increase visibility, name recognition and credibility. Always ahead of the curve, her finger on the latest trends, Kelly’s background makes her uniquely qualified as Brand Strategist for Luxury Liquid Assets.

Kelly has worked in marketing and new business development for more than 25 years. Along the way she has developed a full palate of capabilities in the areas of Quality Customer Service Training, Presentation and Communications Skills, Brand Management and Strategic Marketing. Individuals and organizations have benefitted from her energized, individualized approach to attaining goals through smart, effective training methods and decision-making techniques.

Kelly’s background as Marketing Consultant in the luxury goods arena and a National Sales Director in the fine wine industry makes her a strong asset to Luxury Liquid Assets seeking an accomplished facilitator to help launch and/or manage strategic branding and marketing programs that get results.