Luxury Liquid Assets Wine Marketing & Brokerage focuses on the development and execution of image-enhancing brand management strategies and programs that result in improved product sales for their client’s brands.

Luxury Liquid Assets functions as an integral part of the Winery team contributing its energies and ideas. We offer the following:  



  • Develop and maintain a dynamic vision, values and marketing philosophy that support the overall winery mission.
  • Develop and implement unique marketing solutions necessary to achieve brand objectives to specific business channels including volume, pricing and product line extensions, which optimize the brand’s revenues and resources.
  • Coordinate the development of advertising, packaging and promotional concepts, which have significant impact on sales while positively affecting the image of the brand.
  • Effectively communicate the brand strategy and winemaker information to all pertinent audiences: internal, distributor, trade, media and consumer.
  • Encourage total marketing integration within the wine making programs.
  • Offer additional brand exposure through Luxury Liquid Assets website, social media network and monthly newsletter.


  • Establish and maintain a partnership with existing sales team.
  • Assess current sales channels as to desirability, reliability, effectiveness and performance.
  • Actively pursue broad market sales through the wholesale channel by personal, professional presentations to restaurants and retailers large & small or as otherwise agreed upon.
  • Represent the brand at trade shows, distributor activities, trade tastings, scheduled winemaker dinners and public relations events.


  • Receive experienced, professional sales and brand management without the cost of a full time sales and marketing department.
  • Utilize Luxury Liquid Assets’ established account network to expand accounts sold and increase brand visibility.
  • Redirect existing staff resources to the Winery direct sales programs.
  • Obtain reduce travel and promotional expenses through Luxury Liquid Assets’ cooperative programs.