Welcome Balius Cellars

Balius, Xanthos, Aquilo and Fly By are exciting new brands from Trevor Sheehan and Chris Buddress. 

What’s in a Name?

Achilles and his two immortal horses, Balius and Xanthos, were legendary and heroic figures on the battlefields of ancient Greece. The warrior and his fearless horses were often depicted with black paint on clay wine vessels, or amphorae, as a celebration of their heroic triumphs.

The Balius label is their nod to the fabled heroes represented by the black figure pottery of ancient Greece, and all of our Balius wines are reflections of the world-renowned appellations throughout California.

These wines are sourced from some of the best Napa & Sonoma vineyard land . They are finely crafted by Jason Moore into delightful elixires worthy of praise at attainable prices.  Crisp, clean whites with youthful freshness and deep, brooding reds to ponder.